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“Specialist online fitness for health”

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“Specialist online fitness for health”

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“Specialist online fitness for health”


THE place to start your journey to a fitter, healthier, slimmer YOU

If you feel it’s time to take control of your health, fitness and weight, but without the hassle of gym fees, fancy outfits or daunting instructors then welcome to PhysiCull. An online fitness programme that is aimed at you, real people, with real lives and real struggles! This is the place to start your weight loss journey, to start moving and to start smashing your goals. You want to workout but just need a bit of guidance and support to take those all-important first steps, so hold your head high and take my hand because here it is… Time to get PhysiCull and change your life!

It’s important to know that fitness and health is about creating a lifestyle that you feel good about, that allows you to feel confident and that promotes positive health on a daily basis, no magic potions, empty promises or quick fixes. That’s why PhysiCull is the whole package and addresses the 3 areas needed to start making a difference to your weight and life-


  1. Easy to follow fitness workouts
  2. Simple, achievable and realistic nutritional advice
  3. Support to keep you consistent the whole time to make the most of the fitness and nutrition

How does is it work

This is for new exercisers and those currently overweight or obese and suitable if you have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.

A time and cost effective progressive plan to set you up and make sure you get results to make this the last time to try to lose weight because this time it will stick. Just an honest approach to keeping active and eating well made simple so you can feel your best- not just in weight lost but everything else that comes with it. We have made it our mission to get more people seeing and feeling the great results regular exercise can have with our 3month progressive programme. These programmes have been carefully designed taking into consideration elements that may usually be a barrier to exercise such as high blood pressure, limited mobility, breathlessness or diabetes and made sure they are barriers no more.



The workouts can be followed at home and each session lasts just 30mins so no need to feel intimidated or uncomfortable. They are all designed by a highly qualified and experienced trainer with expertise in obesity and diabetes to help you progress and improve over the 12 weeks giving you the options to work at your own level.



Our video programmes are easy to follow and understand. The exercise is split into 3 Phasesto gradually increase intensity and difficulty, to allow you a progressive introduction to exercise so you can form solid habits and get great results.



The nutrition advice makes it clear about how to start improving your nutrition and setting goals to avoid feeling overwhelmed or restricted. Food is fuel but it also brings pleasure so finding the balance and making good choices will have positive effects on your mood, energy, health and body.


You will be supported the whole way with regular check ins and an expert to turn to whenever you need. With tons of support, motivation and advice to help you get the most out of the programme. With help to overcome your barriers to help you form positive, sustainable habits. The goal setting and progress monitoring throughout allows you to celebrate your achievements.

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